REstart Refugees is the world's first local crowdfunding platform for asylum seekers and refugees who want to activate their skills and make a living

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How does REstart work?

Entrepreneurs apply and have an interview with our team
Once approved they publish a campaign where you can get to know about the company and entrepreneur.
Find one that you feel excited to support, either via location or company type, and make a pledge.
Once the campaign goals has been met, the campaign closes and funds are dispersed.
Stay tuned for updates as your compnaies continue to grow, and make sure to visit the entrepreneurs and cheer on their success.

About REstart

REstart empowers refugee entrepreneurs with locally crowdsourced funding

Countless of refugees in Europa have valuable education and experience, but remain stuck in menial jobs, isolated from mainstream society and ecomomy.

The greatest barrier of entrepreneurship is lack of access to traditional financing.
Together we can change that.

We have all of the resources we need to leverage long-term and sustainable solutions, and now we have a way to bring them together.

Until now, microfinance and crowdfunding have not focused on local communities working together.

Your donation is triple fold: refugees gain financial independence while welfare budgets are vastly reduced, tax revenue is increased, and cross-cultural partnerships are formed.

We are in the start up phase and currently speeking:
- Impact investors to partner with as we grow
- Partnerships with refugees-entrepreneur support orgs across Europe
- Marketing & sales ambassadors - Interns & student collaborators

Engage in REstart

While many people talk about the crisis, we want to focus on the solution. Together we already have the resource we need to tackle this challenge together, but intil now there has been no accessible, sustainable or effective way to do so.

With each backing, you directly support a local entrepreneur towards financial independence , while reducing the welfare budget, generating tax revenue, stimulating your local economy and forming cross-culture alliances. You can think of it as a social investment with long-term, large-scale ecomomic returns.

Whether it's $5 or $5,000, you can make a difference starting in your own community.

Thank you!

We are currently working to develop our platform and prepare our first round of entrepreneurs. If you would like to be considered, please tell us a bit about you and your company and someone from our team will send you a message:

We are REstart

Alexis Rhyner

Founder and CEO

For more than 10 years Alexis has worked with NGOs and non-profits, including leading international human rights projects and campaigns, and searching for creative solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges. I am always looking to connect with social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and culturally conscious. If this is you or if you would like to know more about REstart, please feel free to send me a message.

Jeppe Refsgaard

Co-founder and CTO

Jeppe is working behind the scenes as the lead developer for our digital lending platform. In addition to this, I led UngEnergi (Young Energy) Denmark for four years. If you would like to join the development team (design, UX/UI, developer) or would like to offer web development expertise, please feel free to connect: