We are a diverse team of volunteers, dreamers and doers who believe that we have all of the resources we need to unleash the hidden potential of displaced entrepreneurs by working together.

Together we are changing what's possible

What we stand for


Possibility - We do what hasn’t been done before

Community - We do it together

Transparency - We do it with accountability, authenticity and openness


To empower displaced entrepreneurs with the funding and support they require to start up.


While many people talk about the crisis, we focus on the potential we have to design the future. Collectively, we have all of the resources we need to get displaced entrepreneurs up and running, but until now there has been no sustainable, trustworthy or effective way to do so. Whether it’s 50 dkk or 50.000 dkk, you directly support a local entrepreneur to gain financial independence while creating jobs, generating tax revenue, reducing the welfare budget, stimulating your local economy and building cross-cultural partnerships.You can think of it as a social investment with long-term, large-scale social and economic returns.

The REstart Team

Alexis Rhyner

CEO & Founder

Vismit Chawla

HR Consultant

Ashley Kim Stewart

Operations Manager

Shagufta Haneef



Web Developer