How It Works

REstart is a community-driven, donation-based crowdfunding platform

Are you a displaced entrepreneur in Denmark, who would like to raise funds with and join the REstart community? We are currently preparing the first two entrepreneurs, and will soon be ready to welcome our next round of entrepreneurs. Please send us your name, location, proposed business, and we will contact you soon!


We are currently preparing the first entrepreneurs, and will soon be ready to welcome our next round of entrepreneurs and accepting pledges. Whether you are looking to support or start a company, there’s a place for you here.
  • APPLY: Fill out a brief application here.
  • INTERVIEW: If you meet the initial requirements, we will request an interview to further discuss your idea.
  • PREPARE: We work closely with you to prepare your business plan, marketing strategy and crowdfunding campaign.
  • CROWDFUND: We launch your campaign on our website, and share it with the world.
  • LAUNCH: Once funds are received and all of the preparations are ready, we launch your company.
  • SUCCEED:Consider us your partners. Our partnership is 50/50 to begin – that is we are co-owners. You make the decisions, and we will work closely with you to provide the support you need it throughout the process. It is our goal to make sure your company succeeds, and that you buy our shares when you are ready.

Do you want to start a new company?

If you have a marketable idea and the experience or drive to make it happen, apply to raise funds with REstart today. We work closely with you throughout the process to make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. 
Do you want to support a new company?
Your funding brings companies to life and provides specialized, long-term support  specifically tailored towards each entrepreneur. The more our clients succeed, the more clients we can support to succeed, multiplying your and our impact.